Adam’s Quest was formed in September 2012 as President Bob Jamison saw the need to forge a new generation of men, men of character, men who are well equipped to meet life’s challenges, to become great husbands and fathers, and to make a positive impact on their community. Bob saw a tremendous need in our culture for men to grow deep in Christ and to become the husbands, the fathers, and the world-changers they are meant to be.


At Family Guidance, Bob served families largely marked by the absence of faith and by the absence of stable, mature men. He saw the devastation wrought on families and on society by men who are unable or unwilling to carry out their responsibilities, and he also knew the frustrations of men who have not been equipped for the job of manhood.

All In Retreat

Adam’s Quest has moved forward on several strategic fronts:

  • We have formed strategic partnerships with institutions to deepen men’s faith in Christ and to equip men to be effective in the 21st Century. One of these partnerships has led to the creation of a brand-new men’s ministry in a historic church in Pittsburgh’s South Hills, and another is to assist the Greensburg Diocese to launch a bevy of new men’s initiatives.
  • We have launched The Gathering, a periodic men’s outreach breakfast in downtown Pittsburgh, featuring nationally known figures such as Pirates manager Clint Hurdle, Orlando Magic’s co-founder Pat Williams, and entrepreneur and sports franchise owner Wayne Huizenga Jr. sharing personal life lessons and their spiritual journey with over 400 businessmen.
  • The Reveille quarterly men’s breakfast gives South Hills men a booster shot of faith.
  • All In groups encourage men to make the “deep dive” of faith on a two-year journey with each other and Jesus Christ.