Feeding in the Desert

Men were challenged to minister to others when their own cup is empty during a message called “Feeding in the Desert,” brought by Rev. John Knight of Morningstar Baptist Church. Rev. Knight is one of the leaders of TWOgether Pittsburgh, formerly the state’s largest marriage-strengthening program, and a former Golden Gloves Hall of Fame boxer.

One hundred fifteen men from all over the South Hills enjoyed a hearty breakfast with bacon and eggs, fruit cup and toast. The group included teens and seniors and everything in between. Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church hosted the event in their fellowship hall.

Dr. Gary Lemoncelli shared an inspiring personal testimony, and Kerry Fraas and Rubbie Greenewald led in music and worship.

Be on lookout for the next Reveille. Tom Hammon, Senior Vice President of Young Life, will bring a message called “The Prodigal Father” on August 10 at Mt. Lebanon Evangelical Presbyterian Church.